Uploading media files using FTP

To upload media files to Larastock you can use the drag & drop method or the FTP option for all media files.

To use FTP you will first need to download a FTP client like this free version of Filezilla *

Connect your FTP to Larastock as follows
Address https://larastock.com/video
Port 21
User Your Larastock Account's ID: (not your username)
Password Your Larastock Account's Password

Please note:

- Once connected, upload your media in the general or main area of the FTP client.
- Do not upload media files into a specific folder (like the folder - releases).
- After completion, the uploads will appear in your Media Editor.
It may take some time before your media shows in your Media Editor depending on traffic and the size of your files.

* please note that this will send you to a third party website.