About us

Early in 1992, when the first digital photo has been uploaded in to the internet, we knew that those pixels would make the revolution in photography (videography) and conquer the future. We became active users of all the new digital gadgets and watched the stock photography being created. In 2003, we started selling, reselling and buying all types of digital masterpieces for our needs. After years and years of work with photography, we decided to start our own Stock Photo Bank. Researching the needs of photographers, videographers and designers, our team examined the positive and negative hands of the top digital stocks and created an evolved, use friendly web site Larastock.com. 

Today we offer you to start using one of the most cleaver digital content trading platforms, which will start bringing you money instantly. We created our stock the way we felt it would be user-friendly and comfy. We invested our soul into this project, so we expect it will become one of your favorites. Please have fun, enjoy and return as soon as possible.

Founder of Larastock, 

Ivaschenko Vsevolod