16 cameras in one? «Light» is L16 (multi-aperture camera) as pocket digital SLR camera.

16 cameras in one? «Light» is L16 (multi-aperture camera) as pocket digital SLR camera.
L16 - camera with imaging several digital SLR cameras. Company «Light» in Palo Alto (CA), has developed a very interesting new compact unit consisting of 16 cameras.
Company «Light» was founded in 2013 by experts in the field of mobile technology - Rajiv Leroy and Dave Grenanom. Rajiv Leroy - founder and CTO «Flarion Technologies», has developed a technology based on LTE (standard for wireless high-speed data for mobile phones and other terminals, working with the data), which in 2006 acquired the company «Qualcomm». Dave Grenaa - the general director of the project «Vlingo», the first naturally speaking and recognizes speech programs for mobile phones («Vlingo» - the prototype applications «Siri», the acquired company «Nuance Communications» in 2012).
L16 - thin rectangular device with arachnoid location of cameras and lenses, synchronized with the software so as to capture what it claims to be worthy to be called the image.
We recently received a prototype L16 and were intrigued by the configuration that «Light» calls the first "multi-diafragmnoy" camera. On the one hand, the idea may seem challenging. On the other hand, the user may take some time to get the hand to enjoy this unusual, at first glance, a camera (its appearance, indeed, resembles the head of a strange spider).
L16 consists of sixteen 13-megapixel diaphragms; Sensor size focal lengths: 35mm, 70mm and 150mm (manufacturer «Aptina»). L16 uses standard plastic lenses, equipped with stationary tiny mirrors.
When taking a photo, L16 involved in several chambers that form the focal length, triggered at the same time. Then the images of cameras are connected together by the device's software and create a coherent picture size of 52 megapixels. Focal range is 35-150 mm device, image scaling is performed by compressing the scale photos up to 5 inches. The device has a high-definition touch screen, even when zoomed.
L16 takes only a few seconds to combine multiple images into a single picture with high resolution. The user can view thumbnail preview of the image on the screen. It is also possible to edit images on a device with a view to publishing in social networks via WiFi. Photos can be taken in different formats, including RAW.
According to the «Light», L16 captures an image with multiple focal lengths and lenses. It captures more data for each frame that allows you to change the main focus and depth of field. The device resembles a similar development of the company «Lytro», but uses a different approach. Rajiv Leroy (co-founder and technical director of «Light») states that this is only one of the options L16, but not the main function, as is the case with the devices «Lytro».
L16 can capture HD or 4K video, but when shooting video it uses only one camera module. There is a possibility Burst - six frames per second with a shutter speed 1/40 second. Built in memory - 128 GB. The device is equipped with a Snapdragon processor and runs on the operating system Android.
Photographers who want to get L16, will have to wait a while. L16 will be available no earlier than the end of summer 2016 and will cost about $ 1,699.