At the beginning of the far 90s, when the first digital photo was uploaded to the Internet, it became obvious to the world that it was a revolution in photography and in video shooting. Digital photography quickly conquered the world.


From that very moment, the LARASTOCK.COM team not only watched with interest how digital photography was created and developed, but also became an active user of all novelties in digital gadgets.


In the early 2000s, the accumulated experience in this field allowed our team to become professionals, to collect a collection of digital images and create their own photobank. Having studied the needs of photographers, videographers, designers, exploring the positive and negative aspects of the work of the world's best stock agencies, we created an evolving, friendly website.


And today we invite you to cooperate with one of the most intelligent and comfortable platforms - Larastock.com.


LARASTOCK.COM is a professional photobank, created for all types of media, advertising agencies, design studios, web-sites - for everyone who needs to use professional creative photos, actual or staged shootings of famous people.

Photobank Larastock allows you to buy photos and rights to use them and helps photographers to sell the rights to use their pictures. We also offer illustrations, graphics, cliparts, video footage. It's hard even to list all the names for photobanks, they are called: photo bank, photo bank, image bank, photo bank, microstock, photo agency, stock bank, photo archive, image bank, photo library, image library, photobank, fotobank, microstock. But still the most common name is microstock (microstock), in fact it is a site that sells photos under a license of type Royalty Free (RF), that is not exclusively, but at a low price and with almost no limits on use.


LARASTOCK.COM is a microstock-type photobank offering ready-to-use photos, vectors, illustrations and videos under the Royalty Free license and at affordable prices.

Here you can buy images of photographers from all around the world, choosing from the database in more than 80 million images.

Cooperating with our photobank you get legal and high-quality material for your projects at an affordable price. Photos (graphics, cliparts, illustrations) are provided in the form of files of different resolutions - the price depends on the file size. Thus, you buy the size that you need for the project and do not overpay.


Photobank Larastock is also a service through which photographers and illustrators can sell the rights to use their photos, illustrations, vector graphics and video footage.

Our photo bank is meant as for professionals (advertising agencies, publishing houses, web designers, industrial designers, marketers) as for amateurs.

What are our photographs used for?

In the photo bank LARASTOCK.COM you can buy photos, vectors and videos (in other words purchase a license for their use) for:

- advertising and marketing;

- Internet (photo for the design of pages, articles);

- publishing business;

- presentations and intracorporate materials;

- editorial use;

- for interior decoration;

- industrial design and packaging design;

- mobile phones (wallpaper);

- as a photo on your computer desktop or for interior decoration;


On the site of Larastock you can find the right photo (vector, video) by yourself, buy it and download it. Viewing and searching for photos in the photobank is free of charge and does not require registration. We recommend you to register, as this will allow you to:

- post photos to lightbox - baskets (all data is saved in your account and you can return to the selected photos and also send someone a link to them)

- buy photos;

- download free photos


You can buy images in the photobank for credits, by the piece, or by subscription.

Prices for photos (vectors, footage) in the photo bank Larastock.com depend on the image size and type of license.

The cost of each particular photo is indicated on the individual photo page (the photo page opens when you click on the photo in the search results).

The images are offered under a Royalty Free (RF) license, which does not limit the use of the image neither by territory, nor by the time frame, nor by the size of the photo. To use photos for printing on items intended for sale (for example, dishes, textiles, glass, postcards, etc.), an extended license must be purchased.


Payment Methods

You can pay for the purchase of images in our photobank:

- by bank credit card (VISA, MasterCard)

- through PayPal;

-or inquire an invoice


For any purchase, you can get a complete package of documents.

The owner of the LARASTOCK.COM service is Vsevolod Ivashchenko. Owners of the rights to works remain their creators or subjects who have acquired full copyright. In our photobank, the customer buys a license to use the image, that is, the right to use the image in accordance with the terms of the License Agreement.

We invite professional photographers and illustrators, as well as amateurs and non-professionals, to cooperate, provided that your photos (or other content) meet our thematic and technical criteria.

The archive of photo and video clips LARASTOCK.COM is regularly updated.

Despite the young "age" of the photobank, LARASTOCK.COM has already customers from the leading media, publishing houses and advertising agencies.

For low-budget projects LARASTOCK.COM offers profitable subscriptions.

Large professional communications and connections allow us to work under a thematic order, so feel free to contact us if your cannot find something specific.


Contact us at: vsevolodmember@gmail.com

Contact phone: +380675005850


Please join! Enjoy the ease of use of our website, enjoy high quality of service, earn and always be with us!