How to create a realistic decline in Photoshop




How to create realistic sunset in Photoshop


In this article we will tell how to create from a daytime image a beautiful sunset in Photoshop.




1) Gradient Fill

Open a daytime image and add a layer "Gradient fill” (located inside the circular icon in "Layers palette”). In dropdown list select "Gradient” and choose "Foreground to Transparent” in "Presets”.


2) Colour the sky

Click on the second bottom of four color boxes, set the left colour to "Orange” (#ffa422) and the right to "White”. Select "OK” in this window. Mark "Reverse” in "Gradient Fill” menu and then select "OK”.


3) Brightness

Set "Gradient layer’s blend mode” to "Colour” and add "Curves” in "Adjustment” from the same icon. Pull the curve’s line down to reduce brightness. It depends on how bright your image was in the beginning.


4) Foreground

Create a new blank layer between Curves adjustment and Gradient fill. Change its "Blend mode” to "Overlay”. Click on your foreground in "Toolbar” and set its colour to "Bright yellow” (#ffdf4b).


5) Paint

Select "Brush” (B) and set its "Hardness” to 0%. Set "Opacity” to 30% and paint over the sky. Start from where the sun will be located. Leave this effect subtle.


6) Sunlight

Change "Foreground colour” to "White”, then set "Opacity” to 30% and paint over the place on the sky where you want the sun to be located. It will take a few strokes of brush to reveal a bright white glow.


7) Final color

Add a blank layer to the top of "Stack”. Set your "Foreground colour” to "Light orange” (#ffae00) and press Alt/Opt + Backspace. Change its blend mode to "Soft Light” and reduce its "Opacity” to 20% to complete the sunset.


That’s all. Done!