It is well known that the portrait – is one of the most difficult photographic genres. It is important not just to fix the object. We must be able to convey emotions, state of the mind, to emphasize the personality traits.

The art photography will easily cope with this task. All the tricks that exist in the nature are good for it - from the shooting wide-angle lens to the “boiling” an exposed film in the water with citric acid.

However, you aren`t always able to sell this portrait on the stock. It won`t be acceptable for the designers and the advertisers - the main buyers of the stock photos.

Let's talk about the mistakes, which you should avoid during the shooting of the portraits, in order to get a good picture, which will be popular.

The eyes are not in the focus

It is important to focus on the eyes in the portrait photo.

It often happens that, when the shooting aperture is 1.2-1.4, one eye is in the zone of sharpness, but the other isn`t. It doesn`t look very aesthetically. In order to avoid such incidents, it is necessary to focus manually, you mustn`t rely on the automatic, which often fails, and the sharpness isn`t at the point which you need.

The trees and the road signs, growing out of a head

Rather often you can see the photos, which have sticking out of the man's head trees, pipes, road signs and so on. You immediately remember the famous work of the Lithuanian photographer Atanas Sutkus "Portrait of a neighbor," which includes a man and a tree, which is sticking out of his head. Sutkus think that it is the strongest artistic technique. But often, in the practice, we see such situations because of the carelessness of the photographer to the background.

We advise you to be careful, and if you need to shoot the model at that point and nowhere else, you must open wider the aperture in order to blur the background. It will help you to make the situation better.

The harsh shadows

The harsh shadows aren`t always appropriate. Especially ugly they look under the eyes or from the nose, falling on the cheek. Often, the shadows in the portrait should be softened.

If you shoot in the bright sunlight, you must turn on the flash or use a diffuser over the head of the model in order to soften the light.

It will be better to control the flash through the synchromesh, this will help you to fill the shadows and make the image more expressive.

The red eyes

Such things are permissible when you shoot a vampire or another kind of evil.

The red eye effect will occur if you use the on-camera flash, because it is located close to the lens. The light reflects from the retina, and the eyes become red in the photo.

The best way of dealing with the red eyes – is moving the flash away from the lens.

The acnes and the pores

Nobody will like the portrait, which shows all the pores and pimples.

If you shoot in JPEG, you must pay attention to the natural or neutral color setting and use it. You have to forget about the modes with the increasing saturation, which may enhance the color and highlight the imperfections of the skin.

It is better to shoot in RAW. It will be easier to edit the images then. You shouldn`t forget to pay attention to the skin tone and the saturation.

The most glaring defects you must retouch. Nevertheless, you mustn`t use it a lot, because the skin will become similar to the plastic.

We wish you to take the beautiful pictures!