Rather often even the fisheye lens doesn`t reach the desired angle for the landscapes or for the city. Most of all this applies to the cameras with "the cropped" matrix. Therefore, the panoramic shot will help you in such a case.

The panorama is very "close" to the image perceived by the person on the latitude angle. Such images aren`t suitable for all scenes. Shooting the urban or natural landscape will look the best.

It is known that for the panorama it is necessary to shoot many photos, and then glue them to each other in the photo editor. This entails the abidance of the certain rules. The pictures must be taken at the same ISO settings, white balance and the focus point should also be the same. Otherwise, the images will be simply incomparable.

The first rule - using a tripod

For shooting the panoramas, it will be better to use a tripod or at least a monopod. Otherwise, you may get the blurred photos or a vertical displacement of the camera.

If you shoot handheld, the slope of the camera will be changed. This will cause a convergence of the parallel vertical lines and will complicate the job of creating panoramas program. As a result - a part of the image will simply be inundated.

The second rule – a constant exposure

If the pictures are taken with the different exposures, some parts of the panorama will be brighter or darker than others. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to take pictures in a manual mode.

The aperture should be no more than 11 in order the depth of the harshness to be the same across the panorama.

The white balance should be rearranged from the automatically mode. So it won`t be changed during the shooting. If the files are saved in the Raw format, it won`t be necessary to do this.

The third rule – a constant focus and focal length

In order to make objects of the shooting proportionate across the field of the panorama, focal length should be the same for each shot in the series.

You shouldn`t change the focus point, because the objects in the shot should be equally sharp.

The fourth rule – overlaying the shots

You can`t create a panorama of the shots, which are taken butt. All photos must overlap. For the Photoshop it is enough to use a 20% of overlaying, but it will be better to use a third or even a half of the shot. It will give an opportunity to recover from the neighboring pictures unsuccessful parts of the image.

Due to the possibility to compare the picture by overlaying the neighboring photos, linking places are invisible.

The fifth rule – quickness of the taking pictures

If you will take a break during the series of the photos, this may change the lighting, move the clouds, change the wind blowing, hide the sun - and panorama won`t be converged without the problems. On average, each picture should take no more than 1-2 seconds. So, shooting the panorama of 5-7 shots will take somewhere 10-15 seconds.

The sixth rule - taking the picture of a finger

If you shoot a lot of series for panoramas, it can sometimes be easy to get confused, where is the beginning and where is the end of the series. Therefore, there is a little trick. Before the starting the shooting of the panorama, you should shoot one finger, and after the last photo – two fingers. So it will be immediately clear: where is the beginning of the series, and where is its end.

We wish you to have the beautiful panoramas!