Some facts about landscape image

Today we will talk about landscape image – how you should prepare to make photo-set, how and what should be photographed and how to edit a photo.

Finding a place for photographing

Of course we will start from looking for photographing place. Analyze photos from different sites that unite photographers. Good place for that may be Google Maps. Here you may find photo examples, which were made in concrete place, which interests you and will be able to define is that worth to waste your time on photographing or better look for other location.

Except Google Maps, there are plenty of same services including – Everything is the same: photos are aligned with map, and you may see which exactly photo would be made in some place.

When make a photo

When you are thinking about location, you have to be sure when you may make a photo, this is very important for landscape photo.

Of course, if you rest at the cottage, you may be looking for ideal moment every day. But if you have long trip, you should be very well prepared: you have to know when the sunset, dawn or dusk comes. It may be processed thanks to the usage of The Photographer`s Ephemeris.

Making pictures with further image editing

Landscape images are characterized by a high dynamic range, which is why it should be photographed in RAW. Then, while editing, you will be able to “pull out” details in shadows and lighting easily. As is known, with overexposed areas it is more difficult to work than with shadows, that is why it will be better to make photos with underexposure and only then restore items when editing.


Landscape picture should have front, middle and long-range layouts.

For example, you want make accent on a tree branch, or on a flower. In this case, front layout is important, but middle and long-range layouts are useless. Make a photo of such landscape you may with opened diaphragm in order to separate main detail from background. Law photographing point is also able to help in making accents.

If landscape details and elaboration of layouts are more important, you have to make a picture with closed diaphragm – from f/8 or less.

If you want to make a picture of sunbeam, you have to close diaphragm to f/22.

While photographing in hypermarkets you cannot handle without trepied. It will be used for photographing of a few photos with different exposure.

You also should remember about colour naturalness.

Have nice landscape photos!