If photo is "noisy"

Today we will discuss how to deal with the digital “noise”.

As is known, photobanks are very demanding to the images quality. They may refuse accept your work, even if at first glance, the "noise" is not noticeable.

Very frequently even after noise-cancelling in Lightroom “noise” still exists. How to deal with it? And which areas on photos are most available for "noise"?

First of all, “noise” will appear when you lightening photo, and more frequently it appear on dark image part. If you photograph on minimum settings of ISO, you should attentively analyze shadows.

Simple backgrounds as well as tonal transitions are frequently under influence of dots.

If you were photographing using high ISO, you cannot handle without noise suppression.

The easiest way is to use standard filter in Photoshop “Reduce Noise”.

If this is not enough and using Lightroom and Photoshop filters the "noise" is not cleaned, you can use the following method.

Choose element “Blur”, needed intensity, if this is background, you may set up 100%. Choose brush and swipe “noise” places. It is better to make it in replication layer using mask, that you would be able to make changes, if something goes wrong.

Have nice pictures and sales!