Be in trend

We have repeatedly talked about how to make a photo, what should be on photo in such way that your picture would be able to be sold. Let`s talk about what is the most popular for now (we won`t talk about things, which were photographed with white background – such things are always in trend).


Recently "Lifestyle" photos enjoying success. Photo should be easy to understand, recognizable. Once he looks at image, he should easily say what kind of people are there, what they do, which lifestyle they have, their profession – yard-keeper, teacher, customer officer, etc.

Photo set may be posed and it is important to achieve naturalness (set up proper lighting, choose correct position, etc.). You may just make a photo-set at street.

Woman is not only model

Plenty stock sites have glamour photos of models. But everyone knows that woman may have other profession. The market is overflowed by models. Make a photo of such character, which will be interesting, that means that it will be popular.


Here we may recommend you to make a pictures of something that won`t lose its popularity after some days or hours. You may, for example, make a photo of press conference of Julia Timoshenko and upload it to the stock site. But, trust us, news agencies and other publishing houses will send their own photographers on this press conference, and your journalistic story won`t be one-of-a-kind. Search “long-playing” topics, interesting subjects.

We will give you last one advice. Stock sites have lists of popular images and categories. There you may see what is popular at the moment. And you may make photos of such things, but much interesting and better, or try other way: make a picture of something that photobank has not in stock. And remember, if you want lay stress on bulk selling, so upload pictures, which may be used for illustration of different topics and materials.

Have nice pictures!