Five myths about stock sites

Photo by Andrei Zakharchuk

First myth is that you may earn money on stock sites as ABC.

You should photograph everything thank you see, upload it to the stock site – and you will have plenty of money.

And now let's refer to quantitation. For now there are plenty of photobanks. If we take 5 the most famous, so we have more than 100 million of images! How do you think, if you photograph everything randomly, not taking under view the images quality, would photobank take your work? Would it be popular at the market?

If you are going to co-operate seriously with any of photobanks, you will have to think over every photo-set. And surely, don`t forget about quality. That`s the only way how you may achieve success.

Second myth is that you cannot sell landscape picture at stock sites.

This is mistake. You may sell everything! The question is about what exactly is on image and where photo was made.

Landscape picture, photographed on outskirts of a village Chupyra, won`t be sold to any American or European publishing house. For that should happen headliner that media world would show their interest.

Such images may be uploaded to local stock sites and it is possible that it will interest local publishing houses.

But landscape pictures, where is shown beautiful world, are well-sold. This is perfect landscape picture with bright, strong inks – strong green grass, bright-blue sky, etc.

The landscape pictures of touring places are well-sold: beach with palms and snow-white sand, bright and colorful seascapes, wonderful glens, famous cultural sites and other.

Third myth is that still-life won`t be well-sold.

Well-known fact that images with people on it are one of the best-sold at stock sites (in different real-life situations, on work, nature, etc.) as well as all-kind things with white background.

If you want sell still life, you have to notice that the main thing is how it is photographed. You may analyze the same images from other photographers at stock sites and get creative – make a picture better and custom. In this case your images will be well-sold.

Fourth myth is that you cannot work without expensive equipment.

At start you may use only newbie camera with kit lens. If you want have high-quality photo, you clamp the diaphragm to 8. Of course, that will limit your capabilities. Here you should get creative. But you don`t have to worry. When your works start yields a profit, you will be able to buy much expensive equipment.

Fifth myth is that I am bad photographer and any stock won`t take my works.

If you are going to think this way and not to move hand or foot, it will be. Every newbie photographer was bad at his first steps. Everything comes with practice.

Don`t be afraid to upload your photos to the stock sites. At many of them you should pass something like exam on competency. You have big possibility that at first time your works won`t pass test. But they will text your performance deficiency (noise, lack of sharpness, bad composition, etc.) You will know about things which should be fixed while photographing and photo-editing, and at next time you won`t make same mistakes.

Have nice pictures!