Crib for stock photographer

We would like to bring to your attention a small dictionary for stock photographer. Here you will find the most used words, which may appear in each photobank`s site.


By buying RoyaltyFree, the buyer may use the same image for many times, not paying to the author extra payday. The rights on photo still have the author. Only once he is paid by fixed fee. Image has limited circulation.

Such images cost less, than images which are sold according to the fact that they are licensed with managed rights and extended rights.

The advantage of such type of license is: law price, wide choice, easy to buy.

Limitations: photo is not one-of-a-kind, is not able to be sold for goods advertising, which further will be sold.

Extended Royalty Free (eRF)

The rights on image will stay with the author. But such images are expensive in according with RoyaltyFree. Such images may be used as many times as they see fit.

Advantages: not very high price, wide choice, easy to buy, the ability to use for advertising goods, which further won`t be sold.

Limitations: photo is not one-of-a-kind.

Editorial license

Such type of license means the usage of photo to illustrate events in newspapers, magazines, websites etc. From people depicted in the photos, permission to use them for the purposes specified above, is not required. For example, you photographed a master class of renowned chef about cooking of some culinary delights. You may freely sell such photos to mass media, without informing the cook. But if you want use this photo for promotion purposes, without cook's consent – it will be illegal.

Advantages: wide choice, easy to buy

Limitations: it cannot be used for promotion purposes.

Rights Managed (RM)

Image acquired under such a license, only be used once. If the buyer wants to use this photo again, he should pay an additional payday to the author.

Advantages: one-of-a-kind

Limitations: high price. To author limitation is that the image can be placed only in one photobank.

Exclusive Buyout

It means complete transfer of rights on image to the buyer. The image may be sold only once by this license.

It has its own nuances. If photographer has listed whole set of similar photos for sale, and one of them have been sold by such type of license, he should discontinue selling of whole photo-set.

Advantages: one-of-a-kind

Limitations: very high price, may reach several thousand dollars. That is why such images are rarely sold.


Photobanks offers to buy photo and video thanks to subscribing. The buyer pays monthly some sum and may download limited amount of images. Author receives a percentage per download.

Commercial application

This means the ability to sell the image for advertising of goods and services, which further will be in sales.  That needs the agreement from model, property owner, which is on photo, etc.

Proprietary rights

Proprietary rights – this is type of legal defense, which gives to the authors of creativity projects the exclusionary right to demonstrate, reproduce, distribute and earn an income from created works. Authors of creativity projects may entrust to someone the same rights, including on a paid basis. This is the basis of “licensing”.


Metadata – a set of data about the image: title, key words, image description.