Photobank vs photobank

Among photographers, which work with stock sites, it has been said that own works should be sold at big, world-famous photobanks. They don`t have to pay attention on newish photobanks. We will try to understand is that truth or not.

Photo by Roman Mikhailuk

So, let`s have some statistics for start.

One of the leading photobanks – Shutterstock. Here you may find more than 70 million photos. The prices are between 9.8$ to 0.3$ per photo.

Let`s go further. Istockphoto – on of the oldest photobanks, have more than 4.4 million photos. The price for downloaded image is between 1.6$ to 0.8$.

One more world-famous photobank is Dreamstime. It offers photos by prices from 0.2$.

Fotolia – 50 million photos, the price for downloading is 0.19$.

Now, let`s talk about the author`s payday.

Istockphoto has interesting payment system: here payday size depends on that photographer is one-of-a-kind. For other photographers payday is 0.28$, for one-of-a-kind the minimum payday is 0.34$. The payday size is also depends on the size of bought image. If you have sold high-resolution photo – you will earn more money, than when you sell smaller.

Then and there every medal has its reverse. If your photo will be on first page in “Best Match” (best match to the search criteria), that may stay there changeless for a long time. Of course this is good condition, if that is yours work. But what if it is not? You may waste years to achieve that sacred slot and get lost among 4 million photos.

Dreamstime has its nuances too. Here you may be rejected because such topic has enough works.

In other photobanks the author`s payday is about the same as in Istockphoto. In percentage correlation it looks like that: Istockphoto pays to the photographer 17% from photo price, Fotolia – 31%, Dreamstime – 32%.

One more interesting thing is that in some photobanks the author`s payday may be withdrawn, when it reach 100$.

And now the most interesting – let`s imagine that you have decided to work with one of the listed photobanks or with other, which is for a long time on this market, therefore, call the shots to both buyer and seller. How do you think, won`t your photo get lost among ten million of other? Furthermore, if it has qualifications about withdraw, than you should sell near 400 photos in accordance of achieving your earned money! That may take more than year.

What should you do? It will be the photographer`s questions, which wants money. You should pay attentions on photobanks, which are newish at this market. They don`t have millions of photos, in best way it will have near a hundred of thousands. Possible, your photos will be only one in some topics. If not, you chances still rising in 500 times to sell your work. In accordance with foregoing, your photos may be sold more frequently, than it will happen with your opponents. Many newbie photobanks pays to the photographer not 0.3$, but 50% from sold image. Imagine, advertising agency bought photo for 100$. 50$ will be given to the author. You don`t have to wait, when your 100$ will mass up, to withdraw them.