Where to find model and how to work with her

Photographer needs frequently models as well as professional models for photographing, especially if he works on stock sites.

So, let’s talk about where to find model and how to work with her.

Photo by Eduard Stelmakh


It is easier to employ a model in agencies, here you may easily select human, which you need. But many are not able to afford it. What should you do, if you need exactly professional model? The answer is obvious: offer to make photos for portfolio in return of model will pose for you.


You may use other way and create your own model base. You may work with it further.

Make an audition. Try to be able to promote, though in Social Medias. Prepare: a lot of models may come. You have to devote time to all of them, put questions, make even a few photos. In the result of audition you will sort two or three models in order to make characters and realize your creative concept. On top of all of that you will have your own data base, and further you will be able to contact with one of models, avoiding agencies.

They are everywhere

If you making photos on genre subjects, interesting in street-photographing, that mean that your models are everywhere: in backstreets, near riser blocks of flats, in coffee shops. Having observed needed model, come to her, and tell about what exactly is interesting in her beauty. If you are able to make a deal, be sure that photo, which is made alive, in casual atmosphere, will be yours.

Relatives and friends

Excellent free models may be relatives and friends, young and old. Many of them are happy to agree to pose for you.

The advantage from working with relatives, friends and passers-by that agreed for photo set is in that you will get live interesting photos. And, of course, you do not have to pay for them. It is unlikely that cute girl that smiled at the camera, will require payment. And the same thing is about old man who sells all kinds of crafts.


First of all you have to gain an agreement for photographing model, or licensed for-profit is not able. If your model is not under age, the agreement for photographing should be signed with her guardian.

Be sure to discuss the method and amount of payment to photo set.

Explain your model what is stock photo and how images may be used.

During photographing

If you making photo of grandma, which sell potatoes at backstreet, which is natural habitat, he shouldn`t prepare for photographing.

Everything is conversely with professional model.

Very well-groomed appearance is important. Ask the model to come to photographing with soft manicure, use as little cosmetics and hair styling.

The model should look naturally. No need to constantly give her instructions on how to stand, what to do and where to look. In this case you may get photos with a frayed and inhibited model.

Stylist will help you to create an image. He will work with hair, clothes and makeup.

Well, then it's up to you.