Cannot refuse to accept

Daily our site gains thousands of images. They are selected for sales. Other gets a refusal. What is not in order on these photos, why they were not accepted?

Let's try to understand.

Photo by Eduard Kislinskii

Bad lighting

Bad lighting mean the transgression of colour balance (or white-balance), underexposure, sharp or not enough glaring or image sharpness.

First of all you have to teach how to tune up white-balance of camera. Sometimes you may make photo using automatic mode, but it happens, that without manual regulation you have no chance to success.

More soft lighting, without hard shadows may be created with the usage of diffuser and camera flash. For stock photo it is not needed contrast shadows and all the more so as overexposure and quality decrease. Such image, even if it is masterpiece, none of photobanks won`t accept – it is unlikely will be used for design or promotion. All the more so as that won`t be used in reportage.

In order to make a set of photos with different exposure and then to choose the best, you have to use bracketing.

While photo-editing in Photoshop or other graphics editors, using levels, curves, masks etc. you may also correct lighting conditions.

Remember: before work with the image, you have to resize your monitor, that it renders a colour in best way. It may be processed by the usage of calibrating equipment Spyder 4Pro.


Let`s make a small reservation. If photo is well composed, cropped and is able to be sold in photobank that mean that composition is good. Try to not adhere to general composition principles.

Think which part of photo may be good for written text. While framing you may leave a place that client would be able to cut photo based on own preference.

Delete all unnecessary things.


You have to see the difference on rejected images from over creative effect. If you make a bad focus, out of focus and blurred pictures won`t be accepted. You should think over each thing. Why on concrete image exactly such depth, not other? Why background in focus is fuzzy? Right focus focuses lens on viewer, incorrect – side-track attention and may decrease the possibility that image will be accepted or downloaded.

Make check-up photos, use trepied. Don`t forget that substandard equipment may ruin the best photo. Not take any chances on lenses. If you need concrete lens, but you don`t have enough money to buy it, rent it. This way is much better than you will make whole set of photos using fuzzy lens, and as a result – none of photobanks will accept this.

If your sharpness has some defects, you may easily fix it in Photoshop by kits “unsharp mask”, “in outline sharpness” etc. But draw it mild.

Dust and Scratches

Never load the image with dust, scratches and dirty background to the photobanks.

How to prevent the appearance of dust and scratches on the images?

Keep your camera and lenses clean. When the lens is replaced you should pay attention on dust, sand. Especially, in case it is very windy outside.

 Before you scan negatives and slides, make sure the scanner is clean.

Background, on which you take a picture, must be clean.

If, however, you notice on the photo dirt from the matrix, it is easy to clean by such tools as "rubber stamp" and "cloning", etc.


Stock photos are not allowed to have any logos, design elements of famous trademarks, or it will be accepted as breach of copyright. That is why you shouldn`t upload photos, which associates with concrete product or service. Remember, that separate things may be saved by the lawn on trademarks (here we may remember “Apple” company). Keep an eye that labels or logos are not on photo. If some image elements pose a challenge, delete them while photo-editing.

Have nice downloads!