Cat, cat, cat, or Correct image description

Title, description, key words - this are three parts, which should be pointed out while downloading photo to the stock.

Key words as well as title and description are very important for search of your works. It will be easier to find photos, and, therefore, will have better sales. The more keywords you add, the better. But they should be correctly chosen.

Here are a few advices, which will help you to study out about how to sign a photo.

Imagine that you are buyer

So, you need certain photo. Think, which words you will type for its search. Concretize. Use 25-45 exact key words and choose words individually to each photo.

When you download a set of photos from one exposure, of course, it is more common to set up for them the same key words. Naturally, a lot of them will be general for all set. But don`t be lazy, add different key words to each photo. This will help both - the buyer will find exactly that image, which he needs, and you will sell.

About titles

Titles should be short and exactly describe what is on photo. Invent maximally exactly title, make it one and only. For example, if you download some photos, which has cats, don`t name them all like “Cat”. Give them names “Playing cat”, other one – “Cat is looking through the window” etc.

Lynx, tiger or cat?

Some photographers prefer to add key words, which not corresponds to the photo, for making it more popular. But key words are used not for, for example, when you type “Cat” you see the image of Lynx or tiger. The buyer should find the needed image quickly, not wasting his time on viewing unneeded photos.

Photo with human

When human is on photo, you have to describe him the most exactly – age, race, gender, heritage are important. Point out his line of business, what he is doing at this moment (talking, keeping silence etc.)

About emotions

Supposable, photo contains smiling human. Describe, among other matters, what he feels – happiness, gladness, enjoyment. The buyers frequently type such words while searching, when stress is about emotions. That is why you have to write as much as possible such words, which will suit to emotional part of concrete image.