Softbox for both or how maximally fatten the profits from photo

Surely, all of us want fatten the profits and cut back on spending. Let`s talk about ways, by which we may cut back on spending and fatten the profits.

Equipment rental

Every photographer has his own cameras, cameras lens and camera flash. But frequently while photographing you need studio equipment, which has very high price and quickly out of the date as equipment. That is why it is much profitable when you take such equipment for rent, rather than spend tens of thousands UAH for purchase. And also you may choose photo studio, the interior of which will suit you for photographing and will help you a lot to save your money.

Все мы, естественно, хотим увеличить доходы от заработка и сократить расходы. Давайте поговорим о том, как же сократить затраты и увеличить прибыль.

Softbox for both

Good variant for cutting back on spending –order equipment for multiple rental with other photographers and use it each after each. But you have to remember that the responsibility lays on those, who will sign rental agreement, so you have to choose reliable coworker, in case if you do not want to discharge the full cost of equipment in case of alleged theft.

Photo and video: all rolled into one

Many of cameras are able to HD video recording. At the same time while photographing you may record a video. Licensed video clips may be sold by much higher price than photos. This is good support for your earnings.


Branded photo and video accessories are expensive. There is no need to buy all of them. You may make something by yourself. There are a lot of forums, on which photographers have an exchange of confidence. You may use these ideas.

Masterpieces from the garage

In order to produce and then sell high-quality photos, you shouldn`t have studio or rent it. For things photographing at the background you may pick out the corner of the room or organize some space in your garage and etc. The main thing – set up lighting correctly.

Little things, which should not be forgotten

Don`t make a photo of one or two same models. In some way, this confines your freedom in image creation. Make photos with different furniture, poses, angles, change clothes etc.

Remember, that you may cut back on spending even on sell of your photo equipment. Until you buy new camera lens or camera flash, you may sell old equipment.

Last thing is about the most important.

The main – image creation, create such photo, which will be able to be sold. This is primary target of photographer. Back burner includes the photos quality, post processing, downloading to the stock and correctly description.

Have nice pictures and high sales!