What buyers are looking for?

Each image has its own buyer. In any case, sooner or later it will happen. But for not waiting the time when your buyer will appear and you will successfully earn money on stock, you have to follow next rules.

The image should look naturally

Images with beautiful models in mannered positions are popular, but at the same time the popularity on genuineness rises. First of all, images should have hive quality, made by professionals, but people and their actions on this photo should look naturally and not markedly.

Photos, which demonstrate cultural different

As is known, globalization is fast developing. The difference between culture and language vanishes. But that does not mean that, for example, you may illustrate business conference in Ukraine on photo, which was made in France. Buyer will require from stock agency the image, which reliably and accurately corresponds to the local differences. Also, do not copy the popular imagery. Customer needs personal touch, the image that may be created only by you.

Various photos from one project

Let`s image such photo, which shows sad girl. One buyer will like such photo, but other may say that everything is okay, but I want see the smile of this girl. Third one will not buy this image, because it is upright and buyer needs horizontally mounted. Fourth one will want horizontally mounted photo with smiling girl. That is why while photographing you have to thank many moves ahead. In this case, your chances to sell the image will rise significantly.

Space for text

Often photos are used in design. These images should be provided with space for text. Imagine a magazine cover, or classified material to spread. If you prepare your work for just such purposes, think about where to leave space for text. Alternatively, take a picture with shallow depth of field. Then the background will be blurred, and the text on it will look pretty well.

Characters, that you won't see anywhere.

Sad girls that look with brooding eyes into the distance, easily amused women, exotic meals, business meetings in Paris and Rome, sunsets and sunrises... Such images, of course, are very popular. But when you will be making portfolio, you should not forget about unique topics. For example, you may conduct a deal with diggers and walk with them on the underground passages. Here you will make such photos, which will be able to sell much more than an image with the same girl that is looking with brooding eyes into the distance (horizontal and vertical orientation). Of course, these photos will be sold longer, but you may be sure that they will find a buyer. Plus, less competition, and consequently, your portfolio stand out among hundreds of thousands of others.

Let’s summarize the above. Your portfolio should consist of high-quality photos; cover as many areas of life as possible. At the same time it should be a unique and authentic.

Have nice pictures!