Stocks: what should be photographed and where look for ideas

All of us have heard about phrase – “stock photo”. But what this definition describes? How to make a photo? What should be photographed to cause interest from photobank? And where look for ideas? We will talk about this today.

The definition “stock” describes not only photo, but it may be illustration or video. Stock image – this is any image which is ready for usage.

Every photobank has huge image library, as the phrase goes, your mileage may vary and each of them have its own license. And this base – the possibility to sell all created images. But you have to remember that the buyer is interested only in high-quality images, which made on professional level.

Cooperation with photobank opens up new possibilities to set up a contact with buyers around the world, find those who are interested in your works. Thanks to the possibility to sell images again and again, your photos will allot profit for years.

So, what exactly may cause interest stock site and potential buyer?

As is known, market trend chop and change, and it should be observed. Keep up with the fashions, politics etc. To become successful author of stock society, you have to have up to date portfolio and fit in accordance with the buyers needs.

You may be drawing inspiration from big variety of sources – starting from Social Medias and to the Classic Art.

Conduct an investigation in Social Medias to get know about which topics are on the carpet, about whom talks are and what the disputes. Consider how all of this can be illustrated.

Check written publications. About what writes press. Pay attention to policy issues. Talks about something may prolong for a week till forbidden, but some topics may be relevant for years, and maybe till next elections. Keep an eye on last ones.

Pay attention to the world of fashion. What colors are particularly popular? What exactly was popular at fashion events in this year? Look at magazines and websites devoted to the world of fashion and design. By the way, they can be your potential customers. Therefore, this sector should be paid by special attention.

Pay attention to the world of engineering and technology. Here, things are changing rapidly and both photographer and designer will have work. Read about the technical updates, visit the corresponding exhibition. In which way gadgets are popular today different from the devices of previous years?

And now let's back from the world of fashion, politics and high technology to our mortal earth and look around.

How your city and people is changing? What changes are in relationships between them?

It is necessary to make marks what events, social and cultural events in the world are expected within the next year or two. What holidays and celebrations can attract attention?

Let's talk about art.

Never ever copy the works of other artists and photographers. Keep an eye on trends in the art world, draw inspiration from the works of famous masters. What are the problems, issues, which concepts artists exploring? Attend the exhibition, read blogs, books and magazines devoted to the issues of art.

Sometimes it is best to turn to the classics. Museums and Exhibitions of classical painting – is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Create your own masterpieces and make profit on them, we will this be glad to help you!