How to sign an image correctly that photobank can adopt it and buyers will be able to find it

While downloading the photo to the stock library you have to set a name, description of the image as well as add tags. If you miss one of these things, the file will not be accepted.

Image name

Image name shouldn`t contain numbers and capital letters (A1, A, AAA, 1, 111, 1A etc.). For example: “A Sunset” or “1 Sunrise”. Such-like names are used for placing your works higher than others. This is forbidden trick. The name of images should be completely on a par with their content, be laconic.


Image description also should be definitive and laconic. It should unfold its name and give the information to the potential buyer. Describe the content, ascribe where it was made. Also you may add software to the description with help of which this image is created.

You have 50 symbols for detailed description of image purposes. When this description is more detailed, then you have bigger chances that client will be able to find exactly yours image.

If people are on photo, you shall describe their physical characteristics, age, ethnic affiliation, emotions and mood.

For example “Angry girl”, “Athletically built young man looks into the distance”, “The squirrel jumps from one branch to another”.


Correctly tags will show how frequently web search engine will show your image while queries. The main aim – permanent sojourn in relevant search. But you don’t have to add tags, which are not connected with the image. Web search system will show your image more frequently, but that will irritate users, which are looking for something concrete. That means that it may affect on photobank`s reputation.

Specify all sticks, background and action. Describe each noun (portrayed sticks, things), each verb (action, subject movements), specifications. This usual formula will help you: Who? What? How? Why? When? Where?

The example of description and name for image


Monument to Bohdan Khmelnitsky.


Monument to Ukrainian hetman Bohdan Khmelnitsky on Sophia`s square, Kiev. It has St. Michael's Cathedral on its background.


Monument, Ukrainian, Hetman, Bohdan, Khmelnitsky, Kiev, St. Sophia, Square, St. Michael's, Cathedral, mace, dome.

Of course there is “Law of diminishing marginal utility”. The question is about relevant. Tags should be adequate and up to date. For example, when describing the monument to Bohdan Khmelnitsky, you do not have to add the following words into Tags: hooves, tail, horse, horse, mustache, reins. These words are not key-words by which buyers surely will not be looking the monument to Ukrainian hetman.

If query was formed not enough correctly, work won`t be found. Someone may create search query: “Ukrainian hetman”, but someone may use “Ukrainian hetman Bohdan Khmelnitsky”. You should take all. You have to start from exact description, and then move to more common.

There not exist strict rules about expending tags by synonyms. From one point of view, you have to expand the auditory of potential buyers, which want find the image; But from other point of view, you have to follow well level of exactness for making description maximally exact. If you write in allowed 50 word all synonyms, the huge amount of search results will obviously rise, but there is serious possibility that a lot of the will not be useful. For example, synonyms to the word “monument”: the obelisk, table stone, headstone and memorial. Therefore, we can add a few synonyms in the description of the subject, but no more.

You may try to count all words, with help of which human may describe this photo.

Buyers frequently use in search query some words, which are not describing some concrete thing. It should show them the concept note and it needs the image, which will perfectly describe it. Also you may describe emotions, feelings and idea.

For example: mother, child, happiness, gladness, smile, love.

But try not pushing oneself too hard. Otherwise you may strongly deviate from relevance. Think which topic or conception is shown in best way in this image and describe it using the best words. Very big amount of words will cause the decreasing of description exactness, but to small – will make photo unable for search.

Search query “Mother with child with umbrella on background” will give one result, “mother holding a baby in her arms” – 3000. If your description corresponds to the illustration, but, except word “mother”,  nothing more you haven`t added to the description, file won’t be identified.