How to buy a photo in the Internet?

With the appearance and growth of photobanks popularity, it is much more difficult to find right image for potential buyers, which will suit him perfectly for profitable prices. We would like to bring to your attention the guide, which will help you to save your time and avoid judicial travails while searching and buying images in the Internet.

When looking for and further purchase it is necessary to follow next steps:

  1. Find the most convenient site for you;
  2. Choose the needed image;
  3. Buy licensed for this image;

Now let's look more in detail

  1. Find the most convenient site for you.

Among many photobanks you have to find the most common and convenient to use, with pleasurable interface. The existence of a few payment variants is very important.

If you choose the photo, price of which is very high for your budget, don`t be afraid to offer your own price. Photobank may make concessions and offer preferential tariffs, especially if the case is about wholesale buying of images.

If your publishing house, for example, is looking for non-diversified photos (photographing by the microscope and etc.) you have to use photobank, which has such images. On its site should be whole website section with same images. Use advanced search to find exactly what you want.

  1. Choose the needed image

So, you have decided which photobank to use and you are sure what you are looking for. You should find search and type a query. Besides standard search of images in website sections, you also may use advanced search. The closest query will show you the needed results of images search. For example: if you need photo of beautiful young woman for bank promotion – you have to type all phrase in search colon against just “woman”. Otherwise you may have such cute Tibetan women, which are not able to make bank`s promotion.

  1. Buy licensed for this image

Acquisition of license in photobank guarantees legal defense of image usage for commercial purposes. Licenses may be:

1) Royalty-free (RF), the price of which depends only from the image size;

2) Rights-managed (RM), the price of which depends from the way by which image will be used.

Summarizing all above-mentioned information, photobank should be oriented on the client, has lot of images, among which he will choose exactly needed image, and also offer different types of licensed. And imprimis of course, the price policy is important.

Be happy with your purchases!