Dear photographers!

LARASTOCK is a new professional image bank, which is already working with leading mass media, publishing houses, advertising agencies and other companies, offering

them high-quality photos and videos.

LARASTOCK invites you for cooperation.

We are interested in photos of various subjects and genres for editorial and promotional use.

1. The reporting:

  - News (show business, sports, politics, science, culture, etc.):

  - Staged shooting famous people:

  - Archival images created in the middle of the last century;

  - Social, landscape, travel;

  - Food and drink;

  - Beauty and fashion;

2. Creative materials:

- Staged shooting models with model release.

Stages of cooperation with LARASTOCK very simple:

1. Collect relevant, high-quality images from your archives.

2. Pass a free registration to the site, confirming the transfer of the User Agreement

LARASTOCK non-exclusive right to use your images.

3. Download high-resolution images with mandatory description of them.


Please join us! Enjoy the ease of our website use,

always be with us!